Why I began caring for dogs

I love working with dogs, 

That's the real reward, doing what I love. Ever since I was a kid, I've enjoyed training and playing with dogs. In fifth grade, I learned how to train my first dog. Mom's orders, "If you get this dog you need to look after it!" ...I ended up training all the neighborhood kid's dog's as well. From there forward I've always found myself helping friends and family with their dogs. My oldest dog Dash is the one who got me into the idea of being a dog walker. He and I would go for walks every day to get his energy out. In a matter of months I found myself 75 lbs thinner and my health was much better. I started calling Dash my own little personal trainer. I decided to begin taking friends dogs along with me as well and everyone kept telling me I should do this as a job. So here I am, and I couldn't be happier

Oakland Dog Walker serves the Oakland and Emeryville area. 

We offer off leash group playtime in our private dog park as well as daycare and overnights. 

Feel free to call: (510) 863-0691

or email: oaklanddogwalker@gmail.com